Training modules can be delivered as part of a coaching program or stand-alone workshops. Modules can be delivered in 2 hour or 4 hour formats and spread out over several weeks.

Leading through Change
To help you lead your team, and yourself, through times of change

Managing Remote Teams
Successfully managing a remote team and understanding how communication technology can affect team cohesiveness, relationships and culture

Effective delegation
When you can’t do it all and need to work smarter

Managing multi-national teams
Understanding the impact of people of different nationalities in a team, navigating the challenges – and opportunities! – and creating a cohesive and inclusive culture

Organisational skills
How to create structure and stay on top of things

Time management
Develop skills and habits that will help you make the most of your time

Powerful presentations
Tools and techniques to deliver engaging and successful presentations

Communication Skills Training
For those who wish to improve the way they communicate, to work more effectively and to sustain healthy working relationships

Networking Skills
How to build two-way relationships for mutual benefit

Intercultural communication
Build intercultural communication skills to communicate and engage with people from other cultures and social groups

Workplace bullying
Recognising the impact of being bullied at work and how to put a stop to it

Dealing with sexual harassment at work
How to identify patterns of harassment and to constructively report and challenge this behaviour

The importance of soft ‘transferable’ skills
The skills that define your relationships with other people, or how you approach life and work

Conflict resolution
Understanding conflicts and how to resolve, or avoid, them

Attracting and handling the media
How to attract media attention and deal with interviews (written, radio, tv)

Avoiding and managing stress
How to avoid becoming stressed and how to reduce stress when it occurs

How to develop Charisma
Improve your ability to attract and influence those around you

The importance of Emotional Intelligence
Understanding and develop EI

How to stop procrastination
Learn how to do it NOW rather than next week. Or next month…

Persuasion skills
Develop how to achieve your aims in a gentle way