Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

Business coaching is a combination of tried, tested and proven tools to set goals, plan strategies and take consistent action. But it’s really more than that. Business coaching is about developing the person behind the business and therefore also focusses on personal and professional development.

How does it work?

In our first meeting we get an understanding of what your goals are, for you and the business. What are the things you want to do less off or more off? What would be your ideal scenario? What do you truly want?

In the next sessions we get going on the plans to make it happen. This will be a combination of practical steps and transformational changes. Although in my experience 90-day sprints working towards 6-month and 12-month goals works really well, you are in the driving seat. An important part of my role is to hold you accountable, and believe me I will, but you will decide how quickly you want to progress.

We schedule weekly or bi-weekly 45 to 60-min video calls with email/Whatsapp support in between. I work together with other coaches on quarterly training programs which you can attend – per video or live – as well.

Who is this for?

  • Established business owners who want to grow their business and need strategies and good plans to put in action
  • New starters who need a sounding board, an experienced hat and some tools and tactics to put in place
  • Business owners who want to stop working IN the business and start living the good side of ‘having your own business’ without working 80 hours per week
  • Managers who want to progress in their career and develop their leadership and communication skills
  • Entrepreneurs-to-be who are still working for someone else and want to start their own business
  • And anyone else who wants to develop their personal and workplace skills

When you’re ready for growth and change, drop me a message. Let’s meet up online or for a real coffee and take it from there.