A Dutch Brit or a British Dutchy

I’ve lived and worked in the UK for 30 years and am a true hybrid. I think and dream in English but sound like I stepped off the bus last week (or so my British-born children say….). I love a roast and curry but don’t really drink tea. I politely wait my turn in queues but talk to ‘strangers’ everywhere.

Where I am still firmly Dutch is my directness and frankness. I say it as it is, sometimes slightly covered in a British sauce of politeness, and call out nonsense. What the British call ‘blunt’, the Dutch call ‘honest’.

A Curious Questioner

In the 70’s I was a Girl Guide – or Brownie– and given the name ‘Curious Brownie’ ; Kabouter WeetGraag in Dutch.

At the time I was slightly disappointed as other girls had romantic flowery names like ‘Rosebud’ or “Sweet Daisy’. However, over the years I realised just how apt the name ‘Curious Brownie’ was and truly still is.

I’m authentically and lifelong curious and this intuitive way of asking and learning is at the heart of who I am, how I coach.

I don’t ask questions to interrogate or judge. I’m genuinely curious to learn more about what’s really going on and why. Good insightful questions are key to understanding, both for the client and the coach, and are the corner stone to meaningful change.

A Coach

I started my coaching journey 20 years ago and trained as a personal coach. Since then I trained under Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna as a Master NLP practitioner.

My real coaching experience has come from working with people from every walk of life, helping them getting the changes they desire and doing so in an elegant way.

A Professional

Over my 35 professional years I have either founded or managed an International Football Tournament, a Barcode Solutions Company, a National Charity, a Law Firm and a Sperm Bank. As diverse as these organisations seem, in the end they’re ‘just another business’. They need the same things, as all companies do: vision, strategy, planning, focus, dedication and the list go on.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve done the work. I’ve had your pains. I don’t respond from the books; I coach from experience.

My experience and understanding of how businesses work and my direct way of calling it as it is, allow me to build relationships with my clients leading to successful changes in behaviour and results.

And some other things

  • I’m the mother of girl/boy twins: an efficiency trick not covered in business books.
  • I’ve been featured in a book ‘Extraordinary Women: Inspirational Women Reveal Their Journeys to Success’.
  • Last but not least, I’m a Samaritans listener and mentor. I may be able to talk for hours, but more importantly, I can listen for hours too.